Why Choose Us

Are you wondering, with hundreds of charitable organizations springing up, why would you choose FECT to contribute??. Here are a few reasons: We choose only deserving students and sponsor their education. The selection process is as below:

  • Get the information of a child who are in need for their education through our FECT members/Friends/Public

  • Verify whether the students has scored atleast 70% aggregate

  • We go to the schools directly and verify the academic records and financial status of the child if permitted by the school

  • We go to their home for verification and ensure the status of the child's family

  • Get all the details of the child school name, fees and other details

  • We cross check all the details provided when verification in the school.

  • Once satisfied, we will sponsor for kid's education.

  • The selected candidate's academic record is continuously monitored and we are motivating them to improve further throughout the Academic year.

The money you contribute is not given to the parents. FECT pays the fees of the students/provides stationary/uniforms directly in the school and we maintain appropriate proofs for the same. If you are interested, you can accompany us to the schools of the students and meet them personally and make the fees payment/provide stationary/ Uniforms

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