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who we are

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We started as a group of few computer engineering students enjoying their life as every college student would do but with a deep rooted thought in mind that we have to do something for the society. The thought didn't materialize into action until the completion of our graduation. Days went by with all of us being engrossed in our own personal activities. Two years down the lane, we decided to join hands together and start an organization. Guess what?? A software company?? No... It was FRIENDS - An organization with a vision to free the society from the shackles of poverty. And the weapon we used was EDUCATION. It was a firm belief of the group that the best possible way to eliminate poverty is to inherit education to our younger generation. Our aim was not only to provide education, but also to infuse the kids to help their younger generation get educated and perform this as a duty when they take control of our nation.

But it was not as easy to build the organization as it was to build a mission for ourselves. We had gone through a lot of peaks and valleys. Every time one of us was down, the other one was there to lift the morale of the team. Gradually we started identifying underprivileged kids and started sponsoring their education with the available funds. Eventually, FRIENDS was renamed as Friends to Care. Our group, Friends to Care slowly gained momentum and at present, we have a great team, which has around 40 caring hearts to brighten our poor kids' life. We have registered this group on Feb. 2009 in the name of "Friends Educational and Charitable Trust [FECT]" to run this more legally.

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